Standard Work for a Project Manager

standardworkOwais Mughal

In Lean methodology Standard Work are the tasks, activities, processes that are conducted in a specific way which means they are standardized in terms of being documented, measurable and repeatable.

In the following text I propose a Standard Work template for project managers. I am confident this standard work will be applicable to most of  the NPI/NPD project managers. This list is by no means ‘definitive’ or ‘exhaustive.’ You can tailor it to your individual needs. I’ve put this list together from many years’ of experience in the field so I know it works.


  1. Meetings – Meetings are an important daily standard work for a project Manager. Whether we like it or not, it is the forum where people are brought together and things move forward. Whether it be a phone meeting, a daily standup meeting or a round table meeting, emphasis should be kept on keeping the meetings efficient.Read More »

Focus at work

focusMany yeas ago – 1990 to be exact, I was getting my motorbike’s oil changed at a roadside shop. The mechanic working on my bike was a trainee and his boss who was also the master mechanic was keeping a keen eye on him. The trainee was taking his own sweet time to get things done and looked extra relaxed with a cup of tea in one hand and a wrench tool in the other. The master mechanic then uttered a sentence which has remained ingrained in my memory to this day. I’ll do a literal translation here as it was said in Urdu. The mechanic said “Do your work with some fear” (zara ghabra kar kaam kia karo.) The trainee didn’t get it as he kept asking “what do you mean that I should work with fear?” The master mechanic also couldn’t explain it in more words except he kept repeating “work with fear….work with fear.” The trainee didn’t get it. He shook his shoulders and got back to work and his cup of unfinished tea but I got it – or at least I think I got it.

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